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Designed to assist those suffering from mental health issues, the life plan is a unique and bespoke Drupal powered application that enables users to identify difficulties in their life

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Signpost UK - Life Plan Tool

Engage and help those in need

The aim of the Life Plan Tool was to provide a free and specialist application that would help those with mental health issues identify positive and negative things in their life and give them a platform in which to find help and advice on those areas. The tool needed to be very simple to use but at the same time, interesting and engaging to users, something that makes them feel comfortably and encouraged to participate and get the most out of the tool. There needed to be high consideration of the user journey and also on security of information, as collect data would be highly sensitive to those providing it. 

Bespoke drupal bolt on

The Life Plan Tool was built as a custom Drupal module that could be bolted onto any Drupal website and provide the life plan tool as a sub-section to the website. Arriving at a home screen which outlines all sections from 'Work' to 'Money' and 'Health', the tool features categorised multi-step life planning areas that allow users to answer questions on that area of life and helps them to identify and rate their satisfaction with that area in life. 

With the use of multi-step webforms, users can choose to save and exit a section at anytime and the home screen overview informs them how far through a section they are or if it has been completed. After completing all sections, the data is analysed automatically and the user is presented with a 'Helps and Hinders' chart that maps those areas of life and flags those that they most need help with.

Users can print their reports, view lists of organisations that can help with identified problems and provide general feedback on the usefulness of the tool

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