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The Privatisation in Education Research Initiative is a global research and networking initiative seeking to animate an accessible and informed public debate on alternative education provision

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PERI Global

Accessible education

Peri Global approached us with two main aims to be achieved through an online portal;

- Animate an accessible and informed public debate on the relative merits and demerits of alternative education provision that leads to informed choice by governments and parents. To this end, PERI will create a nonpartisan platform through which different normative, theoretical and empirical positions on the privatisation of a range of education services can be debated;

- Centralise a social justice lens through which to debate the consequences of changes in the coordination of education services. This will be achieved through a twin-track approach of scholarly research and media work, which will be accessible through the PERI website, which will also feature discussions, forums, and other resources.

Social and educational platform

Being heavily information based, we developed the PERI website with strict categorisation through Drupal's taxonomy system. This allows for all content to be easily managed and grouped into relevant sections and found quickly by those that need it.

With a large social interaction element about the website, we developed custom modules to allow single sign up via various social networks including Facebook, twitter and linkedIn. The social sign in application also pulls in certain profile based information from a users chosen social network, populating it into the profile fields of the PERI website. Social network integration plays a big role in the aims of the PERI website to enable easy sharing of content, achieved through the addition of social commenting, allowing users to link PERI content on their social network and also post comments onto their social networks at the same time as the PERI website. 

Another key attribute to the PERI platform was to give users the ability to share their own content, in a tractional social networking sense. This content needed a moderation process in place to ensure decent content was been submitted and the system wasn't being abused. Via Drupal's Forms API we constructed a means to upload content of varying media type, from documents to videos and even events. The content submission form adapts depending on user input and places the content in a moderation queue once submitted. Upon approval, the content is automatically assigned to the correct section of the website.

Other features include, full events publishing and management, user search tool and an in-depth comment threading system which is both archived and searchable.

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