We are a creative digital agency who build digital experiences

Experience is everything

A great user experience is the most important aspect of any digital product. Your users need to feel engaged and require an easy to use, responsive and accessible website. We take an outcome focussed, user-first approach to each project and bring together research led UX with strong creative and development expertise to create digital products that work for your users

Focus on technology

Technology is at the centre of digital design. It is also incredibly fast paced and businesses must evolve alongside the technologies that they are using. It doesn't matter how good a digital project is from a UX and design perspective if the technology supporting the platform is not robust

There is no one size fits all technology solution as each project has its own unique requirements and outcomes. We assess each project individually and select technology around the needs of the business and its users. It is all part of taking an outcome focussed approach

As an agency we bring together a set of values and practices that we have developed into our culture and apply these to every project. We look at the users' needs and let this drive the creation of the end experience. We select and build technology around the business outcomes and work to agile practices to deliver projects on time and on budget while adhering to strict engineering best practices

James Cockburn - Managing Director

Keeping things Agile

Agile is a structured and iterative approach to software development. It enables teams to respond quickly to change without a project roadmap turning to chaos. Obviously there is a lot more to Agile development and it really encompasses a lot of practices and technology. The key thing is we are big advocates of agile methodologies and it enables us to deliver projects on-time, on-budget while still being able to handle important changes during the development lifecycle

Test-driven development

Much has been written about the different approaches to development by software teams, which methods work best and create the most solid development environment. We are advocates of the test first approach (TDD) which we combine with feature-driven development (FDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) to define a holistic approach to the design, development and testing process

What does all of this mean? It defines a structure and set of practices that ensure we deliver better code, more robust applications and improve the overall design and implementation of your software