Drupal development

Wordpress development agency

Wordpress is a hugely popular CMS that is widely used across the web and estimated to cover almost 30% of websites on the internet. Another open-source CMS, wordpress offers a more simplistic development platform than Drupal, providing lower complexity of development and a more simplistic user interface for content administrators.

We have supported, built on and developed from scratch a wide range of Wordpress websites and it is our chosen CMS for those applications that require less complexity and customisation.

Where does Wordpress fit in?

Wordpress has certainly carved out its own space among the CMS technologies available. This is where we believe Wordpress is ideal to build on;

  • A minimal level of functionality is required such as a portfolio or showcase website
  • In-depth customisation of the application is not required
  • Advanced permission management and content workflows are not needed
  • Less technical in-house users that require a more user-friendly admin interface

Wordpress services

Whether you have an existing Wordpress website that needs improvement or are looking to build a new application from scratch, we have extensive experience working with Wordpress and our developers understand how and when to use it for the best results.

As well as development we offer Wordpress security audits, performance reviews and managed Wordpress hosting.