Working in our digital world

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Project Management

We take a proactive role, ensuring everyone required is kept involved throughout the project lifecycle. Projects are run with strict timescales in mind and daily updates take place between the team

UX Design

We focus on designing usable interfaces following the principles of user-centred design. Our designers specalise in creative design, but also know the user experience is key

Testing & Optimisation

We never let a project out into the world without extensive testing and optimisation for the different environments it needs to work in. We are committed to developing standards compliant and accessible websites with the delivery of every project

Project Strategy

From initial realisation to research and Information Architecture (IA) the foundation of a successful project comes from its solid planning. Before every project we meticulously plan and roadmap the journey for the best end results

Media Production

Media is a powerful tool in reaching your target audience and driving traffic to your online platform. From animation and video production to social networking, we can produce media solutions to engage your customers


We develop websites using Drupal, the best open source CMS with a great worldwide developer community - its powerful and flexible making it the right choice for your website


Projects are often subject to adaption as clients express desire for additional functionality or objectives. We aim to be flexibile when this happens by moving back through the resarch phase with any changes to ensure they are robust

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Who Are We?

Born from a love of open-source technology, iNet Digital was founded as a Drupal specialist agency with the simple aim of helping clients use technology to open opportunities through the web. Drupal was our chosen technology for web production and as such it is in our very foundations. Throughout the team, from project managers to designers, we understand Drupal and how it works and we know how to use it in order to exploit all the possibilities.

Drupal is a very good option for building any website for any business of any size whether it be e-commerce or small portfolio sites. The power of that technology coupled with our refined and expert Drupal knowledge is what makes us unique and enables us to provide high quality Drupal services to our customers. 


Some statistics about iNet Digital

Built on a Drupal foundation

We use Drupal to deliver web based projects through all device types from desktop to mobile and tablet. When undertaking a project with iNet Digital you gain our expert knowledge of Drupal and knowledge of using it to build applications for the web.

This allows us to play an active role in helping you plan your project and find smarter ways to deliver content to your target audience. 

In a world where knowledge is key, we ensure that we are up to date on the latest Drupal advances so we can offer the best service and advice when undertaking a project.

But it doesn't just stop there - we also constantly research other technologies and their progress to make sure Drupal is offering the very best from an open source CMS. 

More than just websites

Building a web application is only one aspect of what we do. Apart from the obvious need to maintain a website it is also very important to tell people about your online presence. We are not just in the business of building a website and then leaving.

We also put a focus on delivering clients an online presence that fits around their business objectives and help produce Return On Investment (ROI) solutions by driving growth in their digital world. 

We do this through a combination of services including essential SEO (Search Engine Optimsation) and digital engagement solutions using media channels such as social networks and video networks. In short we can help build, maintain, support and grow your online business.


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